Convincing others of the need to change and take action is very hard

After having won many archery competitions, the town champion sought out the Zen master.
“I am the best of all,” he said. “I did not learn religion, I did not look for help from the monks, and I have been considered the best archer in the whole region. I heard that some time ago you were the best archer in the area, so I ask you: did you have to become a monk to learn to shoot arrows? “No,” answered the Zen master.

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Life journey or refreshing adventure?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine What does travel mean to you – are you excited and invigorated by exploring new places? Here we look at the real pleasure travel brings.

Personal rejuvenation and development are indeed key elements to travel. The opportunity to experience new stimuli, become removed from a daily routine and to live in the moment. Being away from habitual surroundings brings refreshed perspective to life, defining who and what we are. Natural curiosity plays a big part – you may say that travel is in our genes.

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