Life journey or refreshing adventure?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine What does travel mean to you – are you excited and invigorated by exploring new places? Here we look at the real pleasure travel brings.

Personal rejuvenation and development are indeed key elements to travel. The opportunity to experience new stimuli, become removed from a daily routine and to live in the moment. Being away from habitual surroundings brings refreshed perspective to life, defining who and what we are. Natural curiosity plays a big part – you may say that travel is in our genes.

Reading about the vibrant colours of the Caribbean or the stunning scenery of the picturesque Mediterranean coast is inspiring, however does not offer us the true sensory journey. To see, smell and feel all of that in a heartbeat makes travelling such a sublime experience. The ability to travel offers us a million little details in every minute with amazing potential. Subconsciously, each delicious snippet is absorbed into your soul, forever.

Anticipation, excitement and fascination stem from experiencing or seeing things for the first time; it is as though we can actually touch our innermost sense of “being”. Embracing fresh places, meeting new faces and learning about varied cultures furnishes our souls with a lifelong wealth of knowledge. Broadening perception will further enhance tolerance and understanding of our diverse planet; travelling can teach patience and gratitude; indeed it can be the ultimate form of learning.
So, where would you like to go next?

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